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10 December 2007


How can you become a well-known one swiftly on the sport grounds? It's unnecessary to have gifts for football, baseball, tennis or golf,... There is an easy key for you. Somebody has used this way and got some success. Would you like to try it? Let's see...

One of the pioneers, at the rugby football match between England and Wales in 1974

A crazy fan of Richard Krajicek, in 1996

Super naked star, mr. Mark Roberts, in 1995

Mark Roberts again

and Mark Roberts at Wimbledon final match, in 2002

What were you looking, Tiger Woods?

A gift for Tiger from Yvonne Robb

I'm a tiger too, Tiger Woods!

All for you, Tiger!

I love you, Sharapova! Look at me!

Trying hard, Maria!

How do you feel? Can you do it?
With the inspiration from that photos,I introduce to all you a clip right below. It's so enjoyable! Here we go!

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